There Is Enough For Everyone

Opens June 14th and 15th at 6pm
in Houston, Texas

5601 Navigation Blvd, Houston, Texas 77011

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“There Is Enough For Everyone,” is an art exhibition opening in Houston pointing a spotlight directly at the reality of scarcity within black and brown communities. Prodding the limitations, distribution, and access of wealth in the City of Houston and the country at large.

The exhibition will be open every weekend from June 14th through July 8th

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    Alexis Grey
    Berlin Nicholas
    Cary Fagan
    ChangingWomon -mn
    Erin Carty
    Fermin Antonio Topilsin
    Gem Hale
    Leticia Contreras
    James Tillman
    Jared Royal
    John Duro
    J. Bilhan
    Malik Perilloux
    Matt Manalo
    Mich Stevenson
    Rafa Esparza
    Raven Crane
    Reggie Rex
    Ryan Francisco
    Stephen Wilson
    Sophia Anderson
    Sidney Mori
    Sister [Hannah Anderson]

    Stephanie Gonzalez